If you’re flying a drone of any size for recreational purposes in the United States, you must select community-based organization guidelines, or CBO guidelines.

Let’s take a look at three Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)-approved CBOs, their guidelines, which one is best for you, and when you need them.

What is a CBO?

First, you may be wondering what a CBO actually is, and that’s a great question.

A CBO, or community-based organization, is a nationwide, non-profit organization that promotes recreational flying.

  • They offer community events, seminars, guidance, and mentorship for those interested in getting into the hobby.
  • They also offer guidelines on how to operate your drone safely.

And as of the end of 2022, you MUST choose guidelines from an FAA-approved CBO before you fly a drone recreationally, regardless of the size of your drone.

The CBOs in this video are Flite Test Community…


Source: dronexl.co