The Present and Future of Lightweight FPV Drone Cameras

What is the present and future of lightweight cameras for FPV drones? Do we really need to have two cameras on an fpv quadcopter to get good-looking footage? Read on to find out more about the topic and my thoughts on this.

Roughly a year ago, I started flying with FPV drones. In the beginning, I spent hours learning to fly in a simulator and then went out and started collecting experience in the real world. My ambition was never racing or freestyle acrobatics though. As a filmmaker, I wanted to see what I can capture with these drones – nice and smooth images with some tight fly-throughs are my goals in FPV.

I am currently flying with lightweight action cameras on 3.5″ and 2.5″ quads and decided to write a little opinion piece about the current stand of this segment of the industry and where it might be headed in the near future.

First, let me get a little side note out of the way. While larger “cinelifter” fpv quads able to carry cinema cameras up to the likes of an ARRI…