iFlight Defender 25

For this Cristmas, iFlight prepared a new DJI AVATA-like FPV drone with O3 Air Unit onboard. The iFlight Defender 25 is the successor of the ProTek series. It adopts similar Whoop duct propeller protectors.

Defender 25 comes in my with durability and usability. Weighting less than 250 grams doesn’t require registration in most countries. It has a durable injection molded frame to protect the electronics and motors during minor crashes. Inside the frame, there is a BLITZ D25 F7 AIO flight controller. The 1404-type motors are paired with 2525 (2.5-inch) propellers.

Unlike most FPV drones, iFlight powers the Defender25 with a proprietary battery pack, not a standard LIPO pack. There are two options, 4S 550mAh (≤249g) and 900mnAh (≤280g), for longer flight time.

According to your existing remote controller, you can opt for TBS Crossfire Nano RX or ELRS 2.4GHZ/915MHz radio receiver. The PNP version is DJI FPV controller V2…


Source: www.firstquadcopter.com