An Avy Aera delivery drone, hovering between 50 m to 65 m above the ground level, lost control and crash-landed during a test flight in Scotland, a report says.

The Avy Aera 1.5 aircraft was being flown manually during demonstrations at the Arran War Memorial Hospital in May 2022 when it started emanating a rhythmic lower-than-normal sound, the UK government’s latest air accidents bulletin says.

A few seconds later, the hovering drone dipped and spiraled downward. The pilot tried to reestablish control and fly the aircraft back to its launch site but could not succeed. The delivery drone eventually hit the ground and was severely damaged by the impact.

The report comes as part of the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) Correspondence Investigations, which means the government officials did not conduct a field investigation themselves but are notifying the incident based on the findings of the pilot-in-command.

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