All right, so this is DJI’s newest entry-level drone, the DJI Mini 3. It takes what makes the Mini 3 Pro so great and puts it in a more affordable package.

So, this drone only starts at $469. And from there, DJI offers a lot of great packages, bundles and upgrades that you can add on to change the controller style or add on more batteries, like with our Fly More Combo.

So, you have a great entry-level drone here at $469. That’s a good price for what the Mini 3 delivers.

Now, as always, you guys know we did our first flight with the DJI Mini 3 drone, which is super quiet.

So, the first flight with the Mini 3 here doesn’t feel like a first flight because I’ve been flying the Mini 3 Pro like crazy.

But we’ll go ahead, we’ll fly way down the river in sport mode, Schuylkill River here, and then we’ll bring it back.

What makes the Mini 3 an entry-level drone?

So, let’s talk about what makes this an…