DJI is rolling out a new firmware update for its popular photography drone Air 2S. The release of the updated software package coincides with DJI’s 2022 holiday sale, during which the portable camera drone is available at $150 off its typical sticker price.

The new Air 2S aircraft firmware version is Since the “all-in-one” drone is compatible with multiple DJI remote controllers, the versions for the various devices are numbered in the following manner:

  • RC-N1 Remote Controller: v04.12.01.00
  • DJI RC Remote Controller: v01.02.0200
  • DJI RC Pro Remote Controller: v03.01.1200

Once you’ve updated the aircraft and remote controller, you will also need to update the DJI Fly app to v1.9.0 or later.

The new Air 2S firmware focuses primarily on fixing bugs rather than adding new features. This may not sound like much but DJI recommends you keep your devices updated to their latest versions for a better and safe flying experience.

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