Don’t miss ATA on Dawn of Drones this Wednesday, December 14 at 11:00 AM EST.  Stream below:


This week, as we continue “Best of 2022” month sponsored by Sagetech Avionics, join Dawn and special guest John Eberhardt III, CTO of ATA, a design+build company focused on data and information solutions that is enabling the next generation of intelligent flight.

ATA on Dawn of Drones!

ATA, through its AirDEX™ authoritative SDSP platform, continues to empower state and regional governments to make UAS advisory and configuration data available to UAS Service Suppliers (USS) and UAS Operators. Get the update on how ATA has been helping to expand Virginia’s Flight Information Exchange program across the nation!

Mr. Eberhardt is the Chief Technology Officer ATA, LLC. Mr. Eberhardt has over 25 years of experience in Solution Architecture, Systems Engineering, Data Science, and Analytics, managing…