DJI keeps spitting out new drones from their factory, and it’s been a very, very busy year for them. And today, I have the brand new DJI Mini 3 in the studio. Letting you know everything you need to know about this drone.

So the Mini 3 is DJI’s low-cost, entry-level drone that is made to replace the Mini 2, which was a very, very successful product for DJI.

Now this one also promises very good performance at a lower price. Bringing some new features that we’ve seen on the Mini 3 Pro right here on the regular DJI Mini 3.

So we have a 1/1.3” CMOS sensor with a dual native ISO and 4K HDR footage. The same weight of 249 grams, which was made popular by DJI with all of their Mini-series drones. This one is no exception still under 250 grams.

This drone also flies for 38 minutes in the air, so it’s very very effective in there. It brings up the total flight time to up to 38 minutes which is great coming from…