Today, we’re doing a complete, in-depth review of the new DJI Mini 3. Now all the footage that you see right now on the screen is coming directly out of the camera itself. So there’s no editing or tweaking to that footage. It’s straight out of the drone.

Now in this review, I’m going to cover everything that’s new between the Mini 3 compared to the Mini 2. But I’m also going to briefly touch on the differences between the Mini 3 and the Mini 3 Pro. Because, while they share the same name and there are some similarities, there’s also a bunch of differences.

But because there are so many differences there, I’m also going to have a separate video up in the corner here, in the next day or two, that dives into all the nuanced differences. All the little quirky things that the marketing site doesn’t tell you.

Also, apologize; my voice is a bit rough today. Just kind of wrapping up a bit of a cold here. So with that, let’s just dive straight into it.