The world’s largest drone maker, DJI says that the new DJI Mini 3 is the mini camera drone for everybody, everywhere. And they might actually be right on this one.

Today, after countless leaks, photos, Best Buy gaffe’s and DJI rumors, the new DJI Mini 3 is finally here.

We all knew it was coming, but still, we are very excited to share the official announcement today!

New Dji Mini 3 Is The Mini Camera Drone For Everybody, Everywhere!
The DJI Mini 3 Pro and the new DJI Mini 3 Non-Pro version sitting next to each other.

DJI Mini 3 is a big deal

Yes, the DJI Mini 3 is DJI’s smallest drone, but it is a big deal.

In its press release, DJI says the “DJI Mini 3 is a compact, ultra-lightweight camera drone that is ready for adventure.”

At less than 249 grams, Mini 3 is super light and small to carry anywhere (the best drone you have is the one… You know the rest), and is free from most drone rules in many parts of the world.

Its 1/1.3-inch camera sensor captures 4K HDR video and 12MP images with True Vertical…