In 2022 the drone market started to shrink mainly due to higher prices and stricter regulations. Higher production costs, Remote ID, 250 grams weight limit, No-fly zones, and other things made us think twice before pulling the trigger for a new drone. DJI’s new Mini 3 drone targets those who are not want to invest a fortune in a drone and fly legally for non-commercial recreational purposes without having to register with the FAA.

When the DJI Mini 3 Pro arrived in May this year, it disappointed those who were used to the attractive price of the MINI series. The new MINI 3 non-Pro is $200 cheaper ($669 vs. $469) in drone only package. The price cut comes with losing the ability to avoid obstacles. Without the Forward and Backward obstacle sensing sensors, the DJI removed the Active tracking and APAS 4.0 features from their new budget drone.


The Mini 3’s design is almost identical to that of the Mini 3 Pro. The 3-axis gimbal and 4K camera are…