In orange color, the LYZRC L500 PRO looks almost like my Autel Nano+ drone. Of course, for under $100, you can get the same performance. It is just an RC toy compared to the versatility of the Nano Plus.

The LYZRC L500 PRO quadcopter is foldable by design. When unfolded for flight, it measures 32x32x5.5cm. When folded for storage, it measures 14x16x5.5cm, which is small enough to carry in your jacket pocket without any trouble. The drone’s weight is only 188.8g, so you will not need to register it in most countries. It comes with brushless motors that are more reliable compared to brushed ones. Also, they give a better flight performance than the brushed ones.


It uses a 7.4V/2200mAh LIPO, giving up to 28 minutes of flight time per charge. While the WiFi FPV range is about 300-600 meters, the control range is up to 1200 meters.

Thanks to the fail-safe return to home function (RTH), the L500 PRO drone will automatically return to the take-off point in…