US drone maker Skydio has announced the launch of three new drone-in-a-box products: Skydio Dock, Skydio Dock Lite, and Remote Ops software.

Typically, drone-in-a-box systems are docking and recharging stations that can help to automate drone flights if the local regulations permit so. They can prove incredibly useful in a variety of scenarios, including remote site inspection and monitoring as well as situational awareness.

Now, Skydio Dock and Dock Lite are no different, but they come with the added advantage of Skydio Autonomy, an AI-powered technology that has helped the company to produce some of the smartest drones out there. And, of course, these offerings come from American shores instead of global drone leader China, which could be a consideration for government operations.

But there’s an even bigger reason why the Skydio Dock could prove especially lucrative to enterprises. And that is the company’s regulatory team.

Getting approvals from the…