INVOLI Extends G-1090 Product Line, a group of ground-based receivers that can detect assorted aircraft.

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Air traffic detection company INVOLI has expanded its offering of ground-based surveillance receivers with the G-1090 product line. The five air traffic receivers in the line are able to detect a range of modes and signal frequencies from assorted aircraft, enabling drone operators to conduct more missions in uncontrolled airspace and low-altitude U-space airspace in various scenarios.

The standard G-1090 detects transponder messages over the 1090 MHz frequency, used by INVOLI’s Multilateration to calculate the position of aircraft emitting Mode S and Mode A/C messages and to validate the position sent through ADS-B messages. The European market-exclusive G-1090 FLARM allows the detection of aircraft equipped with FLARM transceivers, such as gliders, helicopters, and certain General Aviation aircraft.

The G-1090 UAT is…