What’s going on, guys? Billy here, and today we’re going to be taking our first flight with the new DJI Mavic 3 Classic.

The reason that I’m putting all of those air quotes in here is because this is not a new drone at all. I’ve been flying this same drone with my Mavic 3 for the past year now. The only difference is the Mavic 3 Classic now doesn’t have a telephoto camera to make it more affordable.

So we’ll touch more on that, I figured we’d go for again our first flight with this drone, first flight with the drone nonetheless. But I’ve been flying the same airframe for quite some time now.

So we are now up to five different iterations of the Mavic 3. We’ve got the Mavic 3 Classic, the Mavic 3, the Mavic 3 Cine, the Mavic 3 Enterprise, and the Mavic 3 thermal.

Which means, DJI is getting a lot of traction through this airframe. now I would say that the Mavic 3 Classic is both the most interesting and…


Source: dronexl.co