In 2021 when the original ZINO MINI PRO was released and reviewed here on FirstQuadcotper, we had great exceptions from this sub-250grame, but during the tests, it proved to have some major issues. The upgraded REFINED edition promise even more, but will it also be more reliable, or is it just the new carbon fiber finish?

The Hubsan ZINO MINI PRO REFINED features a UHD camera with a 1/1.3″ 48MP CMOS  image sensor and F1.85 lens. It can record 4K@30fps videos with up to 200Mbps. It comes with onboard 64GB memory for local recording.


Thanks to the Sync Leas 4.0 communication, the REFINED edition has a range of 15 km, which is 5KM longer than its predecessor had. In terms of battery life, it can hover for up to 36 minutes or fly for 40 minutes in optimal conditions (no wind).

The fourth-generation flight control technology further improves the learning and adaptability to environmental interference, especially the redundant error correction ability of…