New EO/IR Payload Announced for Event 38’s E400 Drone

by DRONELIFE Staff Writer Ian M. Crosby

Mapping drones manufacturer Event 38 Unmanned Systems has announced that its latest fixed-wing mapping drone, the E400, is currently available with a gimballed EO/IR camera from NextVision.

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A maker of stabilized cameras and accessories for a range of commercial and industrial uses, NextVision’s gimballed EO/IR cameras capture high-quality visual and thermal imagery and video which can then be streamed directly to a ground station.

Pairing the EO/IR camera with the durable, military-grade E400 results in a powerful solution for search-and-rescue, emergency management, and disaster response use cases. The E400’s exceptional endurance allows it to cover considerably more acreage in a single flight than a multirotor drone. The integration is also suited to surveillance and security applications, as the silent and fully-electric E400 is…