FrSky Tandem XE

I know that these days everything has become more expensive, but I’m curious how many of you would pay $1000 for a transmitter just to play with an FPV drone. The FrSky Tandem XE probably targets a very selective market willing to pay a fortune for remote control. For its price, no wonder why FrSky offers the Tandem XE in a suitcase-style metal case with two lockers.

Building on the TANDEM series radios which apply simultaneous working 2.4G & 900M dual-band technologies, FrSky has released the much-awaited TANDEM XE tray radio. The XE is the largest form factor radio in the TANDEM series, developed to meet the needs of RC users who enjoy tray radio design, combined with the flexibility and quantity of switch inputs. Its stunning looks, together with its high-quality build, make it a noticeable upgrade for the TARANIS X9E fans.


FrSky TANDEM XE features a dual-screen design, the main screen is a 4.3-inch color…