The European Commission has updated drone regulations and is planning steps to combat unlawful usage.

On Tuesday, the commission amended drone regulations to support a rapidly developing commercial industry, and steps to combat the malicious use of drones will be implemented soon.

Drones are susceptible to hacking and abuse, according to the Commission; hence, efforts to combat their nefarious use are required.

Drones are increasingly utilized in agriculture, the environment, surveillance, urban planning, security, and warfare.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has provided plenty of evidence of how off-the-shelf civilian drones can be weaponized and used as very effective military tools.

“We believe that if our strategy is implemented properly, the drone market could be worth 14.5 billion euros ($15 billion) by 2030. It could also create 145,000 new jobs in the European Union,” Transport Commissioner Adina Valean told a news conference.

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