A2Z rapid delivery systemThe holiday retail rush is heating up.  Covid-19, RSV, and the flu are still keeping some people at home: Forbes reported that online shopping on Cyber Monday was up more than 5% over last year.

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But as the rail workers threaten a strike and delivery van drivers work overtime, delivery dates are getting pushed further and further out towards Christmas.  Drone delivery is still in the trial program stage – but are US consumers ready for drone delivery to scale?

Auterion‘s report on US consumer sentiment answers the question – and tries to get at the more important issue of how drone delivery might operate profitably.

Auterion asked more than 1,000 US consumers if they were in favor of drone delivery.  “…a solid majority of Americans (58%) favor the idea of drone deliveries and even more (64%) think drones are becoming an option for home delivery now or will be in the near future,” finds the report.   “With more…


Source: dronelife.com