A video of Russia’s frontline troops downing a commercially available Chinese drone used by Ukrainian forces using a ‘drone jammer’ gun is doing rounds on social media. While the gun cannot be clearly seen, it appears in flashes in the chaotic video and comes into focus at the end.

US To Supply More NASAMS, HIMARS To Ukraine; UK Arms With ‘Double In Range’ Brimstone Missile & Military Choppers

The video bares the effectiveness of electromagnetic/radio frequency/signal jamming and non-kinetic counter-drone systems and the proliferation of Chinese recreational drones from leading firm DJI.

Interestingly, even Russian forces use small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) from the Chinese company for essential battlefield surveillance and reconnaissance purposes. The anti-drone gun, meanwhile, is the PARS ‘Stupor’ that began reaching Russian units in early July.

Jubilant Russian Soldiers

The four-rotor/quadcopter…


Source: news.google.com