Let’s kick off some holiday season with the hottest Black Friday drone deals on the internet.

As with most recent years, many deals are already up and running, and most will run for a week or more.

What to look for in 2022

We almost always prioritize deals on products that will be good for you, more than we value the biggest savings. There’s just no point spending any amount of money on a product that you can’t or won’t use, no matter the price.

There are a couple drones that are on our short-list this year, both are from DJI, once again. The DJI Air 2S and their newest machine, the Mavic 3 Classic, are worth your consideration.

The hardest thing this year is understanding the new Remote ID laws from the FAA. As we write this, there are only a handful of consumer drones that have been cleared by the FAA. All the rest have time to add a third-party module, but we cannot rightly recommend any drone not on the FAA’s short list.

Black Friday…


Source: www.dronerush.com