ManiaXPower FPV LiPo

Before we get into details in our ManiaX Power FPV LIPO review, let’s talk about some general things you should consider before purchasing a drone battery.

When choosing a drone LiPo, the first things to look at are cell count, capacity, and C-rating. Cell count (xS) is how many cells are connected in series inside the pack. Each cell has a nominal voltage of 3.7V. Hence a 2s pack has 7.4V respectively a 6S has 22.2V. While standard LIPO cells can be charged up to 4.2V, the high-voltage LiHv cells can take up to 4.35V. 4.4V, or even 4.45V. Commonly, 1-3″ drones use 1S-4S packs, the 5″ and bigger drones use 4S and 6S packs.


Battery capacity is defined as the total amount of electricity generated due to electrochemical reactions in the battery and is expressed in ampere-hours. When it comes to flying objects, in order to get the best results, you can keep a balance between weight and capacity. For example, on a 3″ FPV drone, the 1000mAh battery…