US-based drone maker Skydio is holding the Skydio Dock Day event to show us the autonomous drone’s capabilities for remote operations at 12 p.m. CST on December 7th.

The drone maker explains that the “Skydio Dock enables autonomous and remote drone operations virtually anywhere for continuous and complete visibility of your assets and worksites, so you can monitor multiple sites at once and standardize repetitive inspections.”

Skydio continues:

Picture a world where intelligent drones autonomously inspect every piece of infrastructure, including warehouses, cell towers, power plants, bridges and more.

Drones become indispensable at every worksite and fundamentally change their operations, reducing safety risks and costs. Problems are identified quickly without arduous and dangerous inspections.

And they’re tracked automatically, so issues get resolved before costs add up.

This new way of working, where drones autonomously operate from anywhere, creates…