FAA drone resources, drone news of the week new FAA Administrator, Billy Nolen Acting Administrator BVLOS ARC recommendations FAA ARC BVLOS Flight NOTAM name change new LAANC providersIf you haven’t visited the FAA.gov website in a while, it’s time for a return visit.   The agency has developed a whole library of FAA drone resources for drone pilots new and old – and it’s easier to find things, too.

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Where to Start

Just go to FAA.gov, and hit the “Drones” tab on the right.  Then hit the red “We can help you!” button to go right to this “Getting Started” page that starts by helping pilots figure out what type of drone pilot they are, recreational or commercial, and what rules apply to them.

New recreational pilots can learn the rules, register their drone, take the (free) TRUST test, and download their certificate.  It’s clear, it’s easy, and it welcomes new pilots into the aviation community.

At DRONELIFE, we’re often asked by recreational pilots how they can make some money with their drone.  That same “Getting Started” page is perfect to answer the question.  It explains the…


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