Unreserved45:26Decolonizing the sky

Many remote Indigenous communities in Canada have been relying on the aerospace industry for everything from transportation of goods, mail and medical supplies for decades.

Evolving technology like the use of drones is creating opportunities for Indigenous communities to become more self-reliant by using the sky as a highway. 

“It’s really a decolonial effort where it returns the power into our hands so that we can again assert our own self-determination, determine how it unfolds within our region,” said Jacob Taylor. 

Taylor is a member of Curve Lake First Nation, about 150 kilometres northeast of Toronto, and is the founder and CEO of Indigenous Aerospace. 

His vision is to help Indigenous communities take control of the transportation of goods and medicines through the use of drones.

Helping First Nations help themselves

Taylor’s journey into the industry began while in Moose Factory, Ont., working on education programming for remote…


Source: news.google.com