This holiday season, the leggy superstars will share the stage with a swarm of new cast members: eight wing-propelled fairy drones in the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular 2022, which premieres on Friday.

The immersive performance piece “The Dance of the Frost Fairies” will include fairy drones and is designed to make the audience feel as if they are within a snowflake.

“It’s really about the magic of the first snowfall,” director and choreographer Julie Branam told the NY Post.

For the event, the Rockettes will don brand-new, winged outfits. To let the dancer move freely throughout the physically demanding and highly skilled performance, the wings had to be tiny enough.

Every one of the 36 dancers’ outfits is unique, much as no two snowflakes are the same, yet they all feature intricate sparkling patterns.

The Rockettes enter the stage one at a time throughout the new song and begin to spin around like frost fairies. Then the fairy drones make their…