CrewID for droneBeyond the Yellow Vest: CrewID™ is the Real ID for Drone Operators

The drone industry is ready to scale.  Drones are increasingly visible on worksites that range from construction to telecomm, and in residential areas for applications like delivery or power line maintenance.

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While unmanned systems offer tremendous benefit for businesses and communities, drone teams still draw scrutiny from bystanders and stakeholders.  Drone operators and their crew are frequently asked to explain their presence, name their employer, or present authorization.   Many teams designate one crewmember for dealing with questions; others use cones, vests, or barriers to indicate that a drone mission is a legitimate commercial operation.  

Drone service providers and enterprise drone teams need a way to identify their operators, visual observers, and maintenance crew with a secure and widely recognized ID – one that can ease access to worksites…