The drone pilot program at Warren Community College is expanding its enrollment capacity.

The college will accept nearly 200 students next year, WCC President William Austin told The increase follows a physical expansion that happened this year at the college’s Phillipsburg campus, which saw the department’s number of classrooms increase from one to 12.

“We used to do GIS (Geospatial Information Systems), Photogrammetry, maintenance and repair, building and teaching people how to fly all in one room. Now we’re able to have a dedicated lab for each of those things,” Austin said.

The new Dr. Joseph Warren Robotics Research Center is located inside the Phillipsburg Education Center at 445 Marshall St.; at the former headquarters of the Phillipsburg School District offices. Students seeking an associates’ degree in uncrewed systems, or drone technology, will now have most of their classes in the 15-room space, with 11 dedicated classrooms.

The former…