With thousands of companies working with drones all around the globe, you may wonder which are the ones who are truly making a difference. Research firm Drone Industry Insights (DII) took stock of nearly 850 organizations whose core business is to offer drone services to third parties. Here are the top drone companies of 2022, according to DII’s assessment.

DII splits drone service providers into two groups: remote sensing and drone delivery. And to determine a company’s performance, researchers look at three key parameters: the organization’s size, growth, and public attention.

Interestingly, and maybe not surprisingly, US-based companies dominate the rankings for both remote sensing and drone delivery.

Here are the top rankers at a glance:

Best drone companies for mapping, inspection services

Here are the top companies in this category:

  1. Aerodyne Group
  2. Terra Drone Corporation
  3. Cyberhawk
  4. Nordic Unmanned
  5. Field Group



Source: dronedj.com