Co-op Funeralcare will give people who have lost a loved one the option to have their ashes spread by drone, which is said to be a UK first.

A big black box containing the ashes will be lifted by a large drone, such as a DJI M600, flown to a certain location, and then the ashes will be released either over land or sea.

Co-Op Funeralcare is offering Ash dispersal services in collaboration with veteran RAF helicopter pilot Christopher Mace.

After dispersing the ashes of former service members at sea while serving in the services, the 56-year-old was motivated to create his firm, Aerial Ashes.

Co-op Funeralcare’s MD, Gill Stewart, commented on the launch as follows:

“Cremation has continued to grow at pace as a choice for funerals. We’re always looking at new and innovative ways to help families honor their loved ones not just through the funeral service but also through uniquely personal commemorative options for their ashes. Our colleagues are dedicated to…