The 8th Annual SkyPixel Photo & Video Contest places a fresh focus on narrative and provides a bigger prize fund than ever before, according to DJI and SkyPixel, one of the most well-known online communities for aerial photography and cinematography.

The SkyPixel contest, which runs from November 9, 2022, to January 30, 2023, invites photographers and videographers to “The Story Behind” their aerial and handheld photos to excite the aerial photography community like never before.

The overall prize amount has risen to about US $143,000 to encourage innovators to take part.

The Story Behind

With “The Story Behind” serving as the contest’s main subject, DJI and SkyPixel are placing the craft of storytelling at the forefront of each photograph in this eighth edition. Participants’ videos or photos must have a message and a deeper significance. Each of the 10 categories prompts a particular kind of tale,…