Check out this FPV Drone Video that shows the Florida Gators Football team running onto the field accompanied by music, cheerleaders, fireworks, and loud cheering fans.

What better way to bring fans who are watching the game on TV or on a mobile device into the action than through an FPV drone video?

Flying over the band and the players makes you feel like you are right there, taking it all in. I don’t think anything else can create that sense of presence other than FPV drone videos.

The video was created by Jay Christensen, who you may remember from last year’s awesome “Right Up Our Alley,” and the Florida Gators marketing team.

FPV drone video

Let us know what you think about this one and FPV drones in general in the comments below!

Fpv Drone Video Captures The Florida Gators Football Team In All Its Glory! 1

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