What drone model are we seeing in these leaked photos? Could this be a DJI Mini 3 Classic or a Mini 3 SE? Let’s take a closer look.

Earlier today, DealsDrone tweeted the following photo that shows two grey DJI Mini-like drones, a charging (?) cable, a remote controller, a laptop, and some other items.

Over the last few years, we have gotten to know DealsDrone as a reliable DJI leaker.

In his tweet, he mentions, “A new drone, but I don’t know which manufacturer it is.”

Another leaked photo showing the DJI Mini 3 Classic?

And hours later, he posts another photo showing even more of the mysterious, DJI Mini-like drone.

Looking closer at the drones in the photo, we see what might be four obstacle avoidance sensors on every corner of each drone.

Dji Mini 3 Classic Or Mini 3 Se Leaked In Photos? Really?

The drones are designed in a DJI Mini-like shape and share the same light grey color. Even the propellers resemble DJI’s props.

However, there are a lot of details that do not seem to add up. For…


Source: dronexl.co