It never stood a chance.

It never stood a chance.
Photo: Koen Van Weel (Getty Images)

First, it came for the crypto shills and startups and then, the Silicon Valley legacy brands. Now, the dreaded 2022 tech layoffs are sinking their talons into birds. No, not that bird. We’re talking about drone-killing eagles.

After a five year trial, Geneva police announced this week they would end their so-called, anti-drone “eagle brigade,” due to uncertain effectiveness and concerns for the animals’ safety. Now, the program’s two raptors, reportedly named Altaïr and Draco, will have to start perusing LinkedIn. Or, you know, the bird equivalent.

“The technological and strategic improvements in terms of the use of drones make this project of using raptors too uncertain, even dangerous for the physical integrity of the eagles,” Geneva Cantonal Police said according to Bloomberg.

The Geneva police began training the drone hating eagles back in 2017 as a way to snatch rogue drones out of the sky without having…