By performing training exercises in cold, windy weather, the Russian military is getting its mobilized troops ready to fly small DJI drones like the DJI Air 2S, Mavic 2, Mini, and even FPV Drones over the winter.

In this clip from training in the Zabaikalsky area, a young woman instructs more experienced troops on how to use the quadcopters.

Drone training takes place at the District Training Center of the Eastern Military District (VVO), stationed in the Trans-Baikal Territory.

Teachers from the local Ministry of Education’s Technopark assist the deployed military experts in their instruction. Along with the Transbaikalians, individuals deployed from Primorye, the Sakhalin Region, the Kamchatka Territory, Yakutia, and Buryatia are mastering the UAV operator training program.

These operators are trained in a classroom setting with both theoretical and practical activities at the Peschanka training facility.

The instructional procedure is designed so that, given…