digital twin of a country

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At South Korea’s Smart Geo Expo last week, Digital Twins were on display everywhere.  South Korea’s stunning skyline has been built in only 70 years.

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The country of only 50 million people is ranked #6 in the world for infrastructure, with an impressive range of bridges, roads, airports, and more.  Korea has developed this sophisticated infrastructure so quickly by leveraging the best technology available.  Now, Korea is moving forward with an ambitious project that will help them maintain and continue to develop their infrastructure, ensuring resiliency: a Digital Twin of the entire country.

Asan City, about a 30 minute bullet train ride from Seoul,  is a coastal city of about 340,000 residents: and is one of 5 cities assigned by Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (MOLIT) as a pilot city for Korea’s Digital Twin project.  The 30 person geospatial team is working to perform…