SkyBound Rescuer, a leading public safety drone startup, has teamed with global drone manufacturer DJI to produce the Drone Search and Rescue Altitude Guide, a novel and vital study based on years of research that will help Police and Search and Rescue drone pilots locate missing people.

Why the Drone Search and Rescue Altitude Guide is needed?

While drones are increasingly being used in successful missing person cases, a number of factors may still influence a drone’s capacity to find the missing person.

One of these factors is reaction time, which has a direct influence on survival in Search and Rescue (SAR) scenarios; as search regions become larger over time, the chance of a successful find decreases.

Police and SAR drone pilots’ rapid decision-making is therefore important to missing individuals – a difficulty within a complicated set of concerns.

Altitude is a critical element that may affect drone performance. Flying altitude has the most impact on the…