(Pocket-lint) – DJI has unveiled a new version of its popular high-end consumer Mavic drone. It’s called the Mavic 3 Classic and brings a lot of the important features from the Mavic 3 but in a more affordable package, and you don’t lose as much as you might assume you would. 

The DJI Mavic 3 Classic is available in a few configurations from today. You can get the drone only (with no controller) for £1309/$1469/€1499, or you can buy it with either the display-less remote controller for £1399/$1749/€1599 or with the 5.5-inch display-equipped controller for £1529/$2049/€1749. 


That’s a considerable price cut on the original Mavic 3 which starts at £1729 in the UK, or $2049 in the US. 


The camera is still based an a 4:3 20-megapixel Hasselblad sensor capable of recording video up to 5.1K/50fps, or 4K/60fps with 12-bit RAW photographs or 10-bit…


Source: www.pocket-lint.com