The Wilmington Fire Department is accustomed to battling flames from the ground, but they now have assistance from the sky.

Crews from the Wilmington Fire Department were called to a woodlands fire off 17th St. near Shipyard Blvd. earlier this week and deployed their drone for the first time.

Firefighters explained that it can be tough to comprehend and visualize the complete extent of a fire, such as the one-acre Wildfire, since it covers such a large area and can move quickly.

The new drone enabled the department to completely envision the fire area and organize their firefighting efforts more effectively.

Wilmington Fire Department Uses A Drone For The First Time At A Fire Scene
This photo shows that the Wilmington Fire Department might actually have access to two drones, a DJI Phantom, and a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise it seems.

You could be thinking, “Who cares? There are plenty of fire departments out there that use drones in their day-to-day firefighting activities,” and you’d be correct.

However, speaking with various