In a huge milestone for the US commercial drone industry, the AgEagle Aerial Systems eBee drone series has secured FAA certification for flying over people or moving vehicles without any additional waivers.

The eBee X series of fixed-wing drones include the eBee X, eBee GEO, and eBee TAC.

As of today, these are the first and only drones in the US to comply with Category 3 of the Operations of Small Unmanned Aircraft System Over People (OOP) as established by the FAA in March 2021.

This makes the lightweight eBee aircraft extremely apt for complex, large-scale operations such as assessment of storm damage, telecom network coverage mapping, and power line and pipeline inspections.

Incidentally, the FAA already slates the eBee as the most popular commercial fixed-wing drone in the US. Over 40% of all commercial fixed-wing drone registrations in the country since 2016 have been for the eBee, which was first released in 2013.

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