Russian drone shot down in Ukraine, April 2022, CC BY 4.0

At the AUVSI NE UAS and AAM Summit today,  attendees heard a pre-recorded session of the Honorable Volodomyr Havrolov, the Ukraine Deputy Minister of Defense.

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Havrolov spoke about the progress of the war in Ukraine, Russian drones, and what Ukraine needs now from their partners and allies to defend their country.

“There is No Way for Russia to Stop Us”

Hon. Volodomyr Havrolov said that Russia’s partial mobilization announced September 21, 2022 is significant.  “We are moving to the end of the Russian army,” said Havrolov.  “This action indicates desperation.”

“We are moving into the second – and final, I think – phase of the operation.. There is no way for Russia to stop us.”

Russia lost most of its modern equipment in the first phase of the war, said Havrolov, and they are not able to replace that equipment because the equipment…