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Meraque, ranked one of the world’s top 20 drone companies today launched the Meraque Drone EduKit in Malaysia in light of growing interest in the space. A unique classroom-ready education kit, it is meant to inspire children in our country to assemble, code and fly drones.  

In a statement today, Meraque Chief Executive Officer Md Razalee Ismail said that the Meraque Drone EduKit is designed by former educators and child development experts. It offers kids the chance to learn more about simple and complex circuits, coding and programming in a safe environment. 

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Razalee further elaborated that the sessions are designed and customised to engage with children of various ages. Moreover, Meraque’s Drone EduKit now includes a complimentary 3-hour session and fun learning activities. 

Learning modules include drone rules, safety, components and control, technologies in a variety of drones, and applications in the industry. Meraque said that the learning modules provide children…


Source: news.google.com