The DJI Fly app has received a fresh update (version 1.7.8) today. And it’s packed with some incredible new features for Air 2S and Mini 3 Pro drone users.

What’s new in the DJI Fly app for Air 2S users?

If you like to capture cinematic footage with the Cine mode on your Air 2S drone, you will now be able to get even more professional-looking shots. The latest Fly app update adds support for Air 2S to adjust EXP settings in Cine mode. This means you can now determine how smoothly or quickly the drone will move forward or backward, ascend or descend, or rotate left or right.

Meanwhile, if you own the $309 DJI RC in addition to the Air 2S, v1.7.8 of the Fly app will allow you to pilot the drone using the lightweight remote controller, which features a 5.5-inch full-HD screen. Just make sure to update both devices to their latest firmware versions.

What can Mini 3 Pro users expect?

Fly app v1.7.8 adds support for automatically adjusting shutter speed…