The DJI Air 2S can now be bought together with the DJI RC remote controller in China. DealsDrone broke this drone news this morning.

While the DJI Air 2S and DJI RC combo is not yet available in the US market, we do not expect this to remain the case.

Photo Of The Dji Air 2S With The Dji Rc. Source: Dealsdrone.
Photo of the DJI Air 2S with the DJI RC. Source: DealsDrone.

In the latest Firmware Update for the DJI RC, the drone maker mentioned that the lightweight remote controller with a built-in display will not also be compatible with the DJI Air 2S. It seems only logical that the two DJI products will also be offered as a combo here in the United States.

While the DJI RC may lack the robustness and screen brightness of its bigger brother, the DJI RC Pro, the DJI RC is significantly lighter and less expensive. The DJI RC has quickly become a favorite among various drone pilots we have spoken to.

Dji Air 2S Now Available With Dji Rc, In China...

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