One-click drone reality capture platform SkyeBrowse now offers a free version of its 3D modeling app that is used by more than 300 organizations across the US.

Though the free version of the app supports limited features, it still allows users to fly a mission using a supported DJI or Autel drone and upload the video to generate a basic 3D model at no cost. Users can also fly a wide-range mapping WideBrowse mission under the freemium model. According to SkyeBrowse, WideBrowse can map up to 50 acres in five minutes.

However, to access further features, such as measurements, annotations, and factual diagrams, users will need to upgrade to SkyeBrowse Premium. The good news is, all new users can currently try the Premium model also for free for two weeks.

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SkyeBrowse cofounder and CEO Bobby Ouyang says:

We wanted to make SkyeBrowse more accessible to everyone. So, we’ve decided to make our…