Today, the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) gave instructions on how to set up a community-based group that the FAA will recognize for recreational drone flying, so-called FRIA.

Recreational drone flyers are required by federal law to adhere to the safety criteria established by a community-based group that the FAA recognizes.

It is needed that the organization produces its own safety rules in collaboration with the FAA, and an application may desire to customize these to a specific kind of unmanned aircraft. The organization is expected to develop its own safety guidelines.

In its advice document, Advisory Circular 91-57C, the FAA offers applicants a full list of suggested safety principles that they may consider in their application.

Through the website known as DroneZone, organizations that adhere to the Legal criteria of a community-based organization can submit an application to the FAA for approval.

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