green light LiDARINTERGEO – one of the largest GIS and mapping shows in the world – is back and in person this week, in Essen Germany.  DRONELIFE is on the floor at INTERGEO and the INTERAERIAL Solutions section of the show, dedicated to the drone technology powering mapping applications around the globe.

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On the floor of the show today, DRONELIFE met Masataka Yamakawa, Marketing Director of Osaka, Japanese-based drone services company humorously named Amuse Oneself.  The name is – well, amusing – but the application is serious: a green light LiDAR solution for aquatic applications.

The 10-year old Amuse Oneself makes the TDOT GREEN lightweight LiDAR solution designed to be carried on a commercial, off the shelf aircraft or the company’s proprietary gas and electric hybrid drone, featuring a 2 hour flight endurance appropriate for long-range missions.

TDOT GREEN is a drone-mountable laser scanner system using green light, which is not…