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17 Oct 2022 22:41:46 UTC

15 Oct 2022 | Synopsis

The EU “has pointed out that its own tax breaks don’t prohibit American-made cars…why should the Inflation Reduction Act bar European-made cars?

“…it infringe(s) on those World Trade Organization trade agreements, but the EU notes that it’s shocking that such an Act could come to pass, given that American-made vehicles still qualify for Europe’s EV subsidies.

“…the EU could choose to withdraw its EV subsidy from American-made cars.”

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Here’s What The RN22e Teaches Us About Hyundai’s Upcoming N Division EV Technology

15 Oct 2022 | Synopsis

“The RN22e concept from Hyundai shows some of the technology we can look forward to seeing in future offerings from its high-performance N division.



Source: www.evworld.com