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16 Oct 2022 22:33:48 UTC

14 Oct 2022 | Synopsis

“…video shows a close-quarters ‘duel’ fought between a pair of quadcopters..or UAVs, the kind that are familiar to hobbyists…

“Descriptions of the incident as a ‘WW1-style duel’ or of the Ukrainian drone ‘destroy[ing] a Russian opponent’ are a little fanciful, to say the least. It isn’t clear to what degree the operator of either the Russian or the Ukrainian UAV was attempting to take down their opponent…”

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How Bad Are Elon Musk’s Latest Twitter Shenanigans?

14 Oct 2022 | Synopsis

“…the Delaware Court of Chancery unsealed an Oct. 6 filing by Twitter’s lawyers alleging that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO is under federal investigation.

“So instead of waging war against Twitter on, um, Twitter, Musk has…


Source: www.evworld.com